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Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority “ACWWA” (pronounced Aqua) provides the drinking water and wastewater services to the people living and working within its service area. With an area comprised of about 3,500 residences and businesses primarily in Arapahoe County, some of the customers we serve are actually located in northern Douglas County. While most of our customers are businesses, over the past few years, we have realized more residential development of both multi and single-family homes. A total of eight-square miles, our service area is located about 10 miles southeast of downtown Denver, Colorado.

Arapahoe Road Construction Provides Water Pipeline Installation Opportunity
You’ve probably noticed the City of Centennial’s construction project (began August 3rd) to widen Arapahoe Road, between Waco Street and Himalaya Way. Hard to miss if you drive that stretch of the road. What you might not know is that we partnered with the City to allow us to install a 24” water pipeline during the year of construction. The new water pipeline will eventually bring a sustainable flow (called ACWWA Flow) of quality water to the communities we serve.

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