What is the ACWWA Flow Project?
The ACWWA Flow Project is a water supply project which will serve the Arapahoe Water and Wastewater Authority (ACWWA) service area. Upon completion, it will result in an annual average delivery of 4,400 acre-feet of water (1 acre foot generally serves 2 households annually) to the ACWWA service area to supplement current water supplies. This will provide a secure and high quality water source for current and future ACWWA customers.
The components of the project are:

- Renewable water rights from the South Platte River Basin

- Regulatory water storage

- Easements, alluvial wells, storage, and delivery infrastructure to deliver water rights to the East Cherry Creek Valley (ECCV) Water Treatment Plant

- Water Treatment capacity in the ECCV Water Treatment Plant

- Additional capacity in the existing ECCV Northern Pipeline, a 48” pipeline that travels from the Barr Lake area south to the ECCV service area

- Chambers Reservoir, located at E-470 and Chambers Road

- Interconnect line to deliver water supplies from the ECCV service area to ACWWA’s service area

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1. What is the ACWWA Flow Project?
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