About Us

Who We Are

Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority (ACWWA, pronounced Aqua) provides the drinking water and wastewater services to the people living and working within its service area. Our service area is comprised of about 3,500 residences and businesses located primarily in Arapahoe County, and northern Douglas County.

Service Area

While most of our customers are businesses, over the past few years, we have realized more residential development of both multi and single-family homes. A total of eight-square miles, our service area is located about 10 miles southeast of downtown Denver, Colorado.


To provide sustainable water/wastewater services by optimizing our resources to ensure quality and value while protecting the environment.


To be a leading water/wastewater utility by providing exceptional service for current customers and future generations.


Professionalism – It’s how we conduct our business! We value treating our customers with respect, being prepared to effectively address customer issues in the office and in the field. Our interactions, our appearance and our actions all should be examples of our dedication to our mission and vision.

Reliability – We understand our customers rely on us to provide them water and wastewater services and efficient customer service. ACWWA staff strives, through proper planning and execution, to provide these services to our customer’s day in and day out.

Integrity – ACWWA’s expectation to its customers and fellow employees is to always behave in an upright and honest manner. ACWWA strives to develop and maintain trust with its customers through honest and transparent actions.
Accountability – ACWWA conducts a vital service to our community and strives to execute its mission and vision on a daily basis. ACWWA is accountable to its customers and to the State of Colorado to meet all necessary regulations. ACWWA strives to be transparent in what it does, through open meetings, an informative website, newsletters, and customer service.

Efficiency – Through proper planning and the execution of ACWWA’s mission, vision and values, ACWWA strives to perform its responsibilities in the most efficient and beneficial manner to our customers. ACWWA is focused on utilizing our resources optimally to deliver value to our customers.