Water Operations


Learn more about the cooperative facilities used by the Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority (ACWWA) and Cottonwood Water and Sanitation District.

Facility Tours

Do you know how water gets to your faucet and the processes that happen to ensure its quality and safety? Have you ever wondered what happens to the dirty water from your shower, bath, laundry and toilet after it goes down the drain? We invite you to take a free tour of our water or wastewater treatment plants to find out how our utility system works. For more information view our Tour Information document.

Regulation 84

The purpose of Regulation 84 is to establish requirements, prohibitions, standards, and concentration limits for the use of reclaimed water to protect the public health and environment while encouraging the use of reclaimed water.

Programs & Projects

Understand the inner workings of the ACWWA programs and projects.

Water Quality

Information regarding Water Quality, Drinking Water Reports, and common causes and solutions; like spotting and residue, color or staining, and odor.