Regulation 84


The purpose of Regulation 84 is to establish requirements, prohibitions, standards, and concentration limits for the use of reclaimed water to protect the public health and environment while encouraging the use of reclaimed water.

What is Regulation 84 Water / Reclaimed Water?

Reclaimed water is water produced by removing pollutants from wastewater to the point that it is clean enough to be used for irrigation, cooling, and other nonpotable purposes.


Please remember, all Regulation 84 customers should water at agronomic (soil management) rates and check your system often for leaks or broken heads. Also, remember to turn off your system during high winds and rain events. Remembering to do this not only helps keep you in compliance with the reclaimed water regulation, but can also save you on your water bill.


 Violation procedure for Regulation 84 customers are outlined in your Notice of Authorization issued to you by the State of Colorado's Public Health Department, under Section 3, "Use and/or Category Specific Requirements."

If a violation occurs during normal ACWWA business hours (8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.), please contact ACWWA Regulation 84 Coordinator Danae Walker at 303-790-4830, ext 312.

If a violation occurs after normal business hours, please contact the CDPHE 24-Hour Spill Hotline 877-518-5608.