Rebate Program

Decreased Consumption

ACWWA is committed to water efficiency. Decreasing customer water consumption will save ACWWA and our customer's money. ACWWA has initiated a Rebate Program that will include rebates to ACWWA customers for several products that assist our customers in using less water.

ACWWA has allocated a limited budget to this program, and will evaluate the administration and results of the program during the year. The program will end once the budget is used, so don't wait!!

Forms & Instructions

Please be sure to follow all of the instructions and submit all of the required forms.

Current Items

  • High Efficiency Clothes Washer - $100 rebate on the purchase of a qualified high-efficiency washer. These water-conserving washing machines save you money over time by using only 18 to 25 gallons of water per load, which can save 6,000 or more gallons of water per year.
  • Rain Sensors - 50% of the cost (max $50) on the purchase of a qualified rain sensor (See application for requirements)
  • Leak Detection Dye Tabs - FREE!!! Tablets can help determine if a toilet is leaking - One of the most effective water conservation measures you can take! One per customer, can be picked up in our administration office.


If you have questions or comments on how we can improve this program, please contact ACWWA at 303-790-4830.

Useful Documents