Step 4: Approvals, Fees and Permits

Completing the approval process.

Once the plans have been determined to be in compliance with ACWWA standards, the Development Review Engineer will request final documents from the Applicant. Final submittal items listed below will need to be completed and submitted to ACWWA for final approval and processing in conjunction with the final utility plan approval. 

Final Submittal Required Documents: 

  • Wastewater Discharge Survey
    • One original
  • Easement Agreement Form signed
    • One original
  • Legal Description and Exhibit 
    • One original signed/stamped by a Colorado Land Surveyor 
  • Development Agreement signed
    • One original
  • Letter of Credit or Financial Guarantee
    • One original
  • Any additional special agreements or requirements 
    • One original
  • Five (5) 24”x36” and two (2) 11”x17” original plan sets signed/stamped by a Colorado Professional Engineer
  • Tap Application signed with payment 
    • One original
Once all documents have been submitted and approved, the Development Review Engineer will contact Applicant to notify them that their project has been approved and that the Applicant will need to schedule a pre-construction meeting with ACWWA’s Inspections Department and will send them a pre-construction packet.

An approval letter will be issued by ACWWA with instructions to finish the following:
  • Provide days/times to ACWWA in which you are available to attend a Pre-Construction meeting
  • Complete a Pre-Construction packet in preparation of the meeting.
ACWWA approved plans will be provided/returned to the developer/engineer at the Pre-Construction meeting.