Legal Documents

As a part of the permitting process, ACWWA’s Development Service Department will review all legal documents submitted by the Applicant. Any legal document altered from the ACWWA standard form will require review by ACWWA’s legal counsel. 

Imprest Account Agreement

An account established by the Authority from funds provided by a developer or
other applicant that is to be used by the Authority to pay for labor and/or materials
furnished by the Authority or for work done on the developer’s or applicant’s project
or petition for inclusion. Such work may include plan reviews, design, engineering,
construction, legal, consulting and in-house costs.

Easement Agreement Form
The Easement Agreement with metes and bounds or lot and block legal description, exhibits, and title policy shall be completed and executed by Owner for any water lines, sanitary sewer lines or other water or sanitary sewer improvements that are to be owned and maintained by ACWWA. These documents shall be submitted to ACWWA prior to approval of the utility construction plans.

Requested changes to ACWWA’s standard easement agreement will result in additional costs to be paid by the Applicant and additional review time.

Letter of Credit (Financial Guarantee) (Exhibit A)
The Applicant shall furnish to ACWWA a Financial Guarantee.  This may be in the form of cash or a Letter of Credit (“LOC”). If an LOC is provided as the Financial Guarantee, such LOC shall be in effect until Final Acceptance has been granted for the water and sanitary sewer improvements.

Development Agreement (Exhibit B)
The Development Agreement establishes the obligations of the Applicant and/or Owner to construct the water and sanitary sewer improvements and pay ACWWA’s costs relating to the development to be sure that growth pays its own way.

Access Agreement
If a security perimeter (gate, wall, etc.) is installed, as condition of service, Owner and Occupant (if different) will be required to enter into an Access Agreement.  ACWWA staff will have access to the facility for any purpose, without limitation for the purposes of inspecting, monitoring, testing, constructing, installing, excavating, renovating, expanding, repairing, repurposing, removing or replacing such facilities. A representative signature of the property Owner and Occupant (if different) must be an authorized officer or equivalent for the form of business organization - examples, LLC (Manager), Partnership (Partner, Managing Partner), etc.

Special Agreements
The need and form for any needed Special Agreements – MOU’s, IGA’s, Service Line Extension, etc., – will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

License Agreements
The need and form for any needed License Agreements will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Other Documents
Wastewater Discharge Survey